• 24,700 cfm
  • 148 Feet of Suction Depth
  • 394 Feet of Linear Suction
  • 116 psi Compressor

The Metro-America model is an ideal general purpose suction excavator. It is small enough for city streets but has the extra capacity and high suction power required for work in industrial applications or larger projects. The Metro can be equipped with a 20’ articulated excavator style suction boom and carry up to 10 yards of material. Two powerful fan size options are available to suit most applications. Like all RSP suction excavators, the Metro can off load on site into roll off containers and excavated material can be re used, offering a huge cost advantage and increased productivity compared to conventional hydrovac excavators.

24,700 cfm*
148 Feet of Suction Depth*
394 Feet of Linear Suction*
116 psi Compressor*
10″ diameter suction hose
*Depending on the material and installed suction capacity

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