• 18,830 cfm
  • 45 feet of Suction Depth
  • 210 Feet of Linear Suction
  • 116 psi Compressor


The combination of compact dimensions and high suction power make the City-America Model the ideal solution for inner city utility and civil work. With a total width of approximately 7.5 feet, and a short wheelbase, the City-America is designed to easily navigate narrow streets and small construction sites.

The City has a reach of up to 16 feet and a load capacity of 5 cubic yards. A side tipping height of 6.9 feet allows for easy onsite off loading into roll off bins or dumping onto the boulevard. These features make the RSP Urban model a perfect vacuum excavator solution for the city or any job site that has limited work space.



18,830 cfm*
45 feet of Suction Depth*
210 Feet of Linear Suction*
116 psi Compressor*
*Depending on material and installed suction capacity


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