• 25,310 cfm*
  • 13.88 Inch Hg*
  • 150 feet of Suction Depth*
  • 656 feet of Suction Distance*


The Interstate-America model is our largest suction excavator. It is designed for projects and applications that demand maximum suction and maximum capacity. The RSP Interstate has a maximum onboard material capacity of 13 cubic yards and can be ordered with a triple fan system delivering over 25000 CFM of suction power. Deep material removal projects or high volume excavations are typical tasks where the Interstate will excel.

up to 25,310 cfm*
up to 13.88 Inch Hg*
up to 150 feet of Suction Depth*
up to 656 feet of Suction Distance*
*Depending on material and installed suction capacity
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